UK & US Black Friday 2018 Shopping Guide

Black Friday in the UK & US is upon us and it's your time to save BIG on all manner of items from electronics, mobile phones, gaming consoles, clothing, footwear and more from your favourite stores! Here are some tips to make sure you get the best value ....

  • Black Friday is more than ebay & Amazon - Check other stores within the category of products you are looking for to make sure you are getting the best price!
  • Know your prices - Now is the time to start building a wishlist of products you are interested in and noting down their prices. Do a quick search and see where you can find the cheapest price.
  • Use discount codes / vouchers - Many stores will offer discount codes. Note them down and alert us to the deal so we can apply it to your order when buying for you thus saving you more!
  • Delivery times - Beware of items that are shipping direct from China on ebay and Amazon. Though very cheap, it is very likely they will not arrive in time if you need them before Xmas.
  • UK or US - Most stores ship worldwide. So know where it is best to buy certain items i.e. UK or US. We have vast experience in this field and always advise customers if the item is cheaper to buy in the UK or US. If unsure, ask us to quote for both locations so you can compare and decide!
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